Maus Mixes

These are mixes that are available on ITunes as Mauscast episodes and also available on Soundcloud.

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TAPED - Game of Chance 2.png

This DJ Maus mix was recorded live at TAPED Fridays at Hooch and Hive on March 1, 2019 and featuring Indie Dance, Darkwave. This 4 hour mix contains tracks from Berndsen, The Killers, TRAITRS, Interpol, Boys Noize, GRUM, Yelle, Vitalic, Boy Harsher, Lebanon Hanover, Crystal Castles, Austra and more.

OU strangelove.jpg

Strangelove was a party that took place in Tampa in 2016. It was one of the first opportunities to spin Dark Indie, Synthpop and Dark Electro all together on one night. This mix contains tracks from Ladytron, Deathbed, Hante., Orax, Goo Munday, Neuroticfish, Priest, Noisuf-X, Solar Fake, Vogue.Noir, House of Harm and more.

TAPED Phantogram.png

This DJ Maus mix was recorded live at TAPED Fridays at Hooch and Hive on February 22, 2019. Featuring John Maus, Phantogram, Chromeo, Thomas Dolby, Boy Harsher, Austra, Charlie XCX, Pale Waves, Hante., TRAITRS, Interpol And so much more.


This DJ Maus mix was recorded live at TAPED Fridays at Hooch and Hive on February 8, 2019. Featuring Phantogram, MGMT, Royksopp, Fischerspooner, Foster the People, Depeche Mode, Austra, Crystal Castles, Ash Code, New Order, Grimes, CHVRCHES, Editors, Feathers, Gunship, Owl Eyes, Drab Majesty, Boy Harsher, Bat for Lashes. And so much more.


Undead: Katharsis (101)

OU Katharsis back.jpg

Featuring post-punk, darkwave, goth rock - This Darkwave gothic mix contains tracks from Diesein, Ghostland, She Past Away, Delphine Coma, Creux Lies, Hoffen, Twin Tribes and more. This is an introductory mix of the influential bands to watch in 2019.


TAPED: Indie, Darkwave, Synthwave - Live set Jan 25, 2019

Screen Shot 2019-02-12 at 10.01.26 PM.png

This is a live recorded DJ set from TAPED Tampa, a weekly Friday night event at Hooch and Hive in downtown Tampa. This is over 5.5 hours of Indie Alternative Dark pop and includes some synthwave, darkwave, 80s tracks and more. Let's get your retro mood on!


ou kalt1.jpg

Undead: KALT (coldwave/minimal synth EBM). This mix for KALT contains genres such as cold wave, minimal wave, minimal synth/EBM. This mix contains tracks by QUAL, Low Factor, Totengelaut, Anne Clark, Oppenheimer Analysis, Villes Nouvelles, ADULT. And more.


TAPED: Indie, Darkwave, Synthwave

Recorded Live January 18, 2019. This  mix contains was recorded live and contains tracks from Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Clan of Xymox, Crystal Castles, Buzz Kill, Carpenter Brut, The Presets and more.



OU pirate twins back purple.png

Featuring Darkwave, post-punk, dreamwave - This Darkwave gothic mix contains tracks from Diesein, Ghostland, She Past Away, Delphine Coma, Creux Lies, Hoffen, Twin Tribes and more.

Maus logo transparent.png

2018 Favorites Mix

These are mostly catchy tunes I can’t stop listening to or spinning when I do get to play, and they are either new within the last 6 months or have sat with me the whole year. Some of the newly rising Post-punk artists are here, and some cold EBM tracks from my sets at Uberbahn and Panic! In Orlando.


Dark Market Live Feb 22, 2018

widdershins banner 2.jpg

This is a live recording of my set at Widdershins Dark Market on Thursday Feb 22, 2018. It might be a little glitchy and some songs have super long intros I wasn't prepared for. Overall this is especially moody, a nice slow burn that finishes off with a classic 80s set.

widdershins banner.jpg

Dark Market Live Feb 15, 2018

Featuring  Darkwave, Indie, Alternative - This live witchy, mellow darkwave mix contains tracks from Vivian Glass, LGHTNNG, Crystal Castles, She Past Away, BLVCK CEILING, Crimes, Wingtips and more.


Music Video Monday Feb 5, 2018

MVM logo.jpg

Music Video Mondays is a weekly event at the new Pegasus Nite Club starting in January 2018! Everything from oldwave, classic, darkwave, post-punk, alternative indie and gothic music videos! This is a live recording of my set at Music Video Monday at Pegasus Nite Club on Feb 5, 2018.

MVM color 4.jpg

Music Video Monday Jan 22, 2018

Live mix of DJ Maus at Music Video Monday at The Pegasus in Tampa, FL and recorded on Jan 22, 2018.. Darkwave, New wave, Indie, synthpop - This live mix contains tracks from Solar Fake, Diary of Dreams, TRST, Lebanon Hanover and more.


Sci-Fi Sextacy at The Castle

Maus-set (1).png

This is a long continuous mix of my anticipated set for the Castle's Sci-Fi Sextacy event on Saturday August 12, 2018. Here is the set I had planned - exactly the way I wanted to spin it. 


Dark Electro Vol. 4 - Army of the Doomed

This Dark Electro mix contains tracks from Funker Vogt, Your Bunny Rot, Cygnosic, Coldkill, Absurd Minds and more. 

electro 9.jpg

100 Minutes of Synthpop

This mix is a variety of romantic, melodic dancey Synthpop that ranges from Futurepop to New wave and back. Synthpop originated in the early 80's with the birth of New wave and pioneered by artists like Depeche Mode, OMD, Erasure and more.


Synthwave Cyberpunk Vol. 1

This Synthwave Cyberpunk Synthpunk Cyberwave mix contains tracks from Carpenter Brut, Mega Drive, Power Glove, Lazerhawk, GosT, Trevor Something and more! 

strangelove vol 7.jpg

Strangelove Vol. 7

This Strangelove mix has tracks from Drab Majesty, Zeigeist, Neuroticfish, Owl Vision, Grimes and more. This edition is more of a future pop, dancey synth vibe.

zerochan_mayura chan 15.jpg

Dark Electro Vol. 4 - This is My Life

This Dark Electro and Synthop mix contains tracks from Mono Inc., [:SITD], ESC, Vanguard,, Mr.Kitty and more.

strangelove vol 6 art.jpeg

Strangelove Vol. 6

This continuous mix contains tracks from TRUST, Pastel Ghost, Empathy Test, Skeleton Hands and more.

electro 3.jpg

Dark Electro 3 - German Edition

This mix contains Dark Electro tracks from all German artists, such as Rotersand, Agonoize, Neuroticfish, Solar Fake and more.

strangelove 5 comp.jpg

Strangelove Vol. 5

This mix contains tracks from STRVNGERS, Drab Majesty, Crystal Castles, Ash Code, Chrom, We the North and more!


Dark Electro Vol. 2 - Setting of the Sun

This mix was inspired by the time when Combichrist was good. It spans some classic Electro-Industrial tracks by Tactical Sekt, FGFC820, Icon of Coil, Panzer AG and more.

strangelove vol 4.jpg

Strangelove Vol. 4

Strangelove vol. 4 contains tracks from Charlie XCX, Solar Fake, Blaqk Audio, Gusgus, Dear Strange, Aeon Rings and more!


Futurepop Vol. 2

Futurepop 2 contains tracks from Eisfabrik, Dead When I Found Her, Mental Discipline, Blitzmaschine and more. This mix is mostly dancey electro synthpop tracks and some EBM.

strangelove 3.jpg

Strangelove Vol. 3 

Strangelove 3 features tracks from Mr.Kitty, Grimes, Feathers, CLICKS, Eisfabrik, The New Division, Namnambulu and more!

hollow electro.jpeg

Dark Electro Vol 1. - Hollow

This mix spans Dark Electro from Futurepop and Darkwave to EBM and a bit of Harsh Electro. Featuring Aesthetic Perfection, Voicecoil, Technolorgy, ESC, Endanger and more.

strangelove vol 2.jpg

Strangelove Vol. 2

This Strangelove mix features tracks from IAMX, THYX, Espermachine, Chrom, Parralox and more. This volume leans more towards synthpop electro and electro pop.


Futurepop Vol. 1

This Futurepop mix contains music from Syrian, Assemblage 23, Faderhead, Solar Fake, Extize and more!

strangelove 1 art.jpeg

Strangelove Vol. 1

Strangelove vol. 1 features tracks from Ashbury Heights, Fairlight Children, The Knife, KANGA, Feathers and more!