Mausmix: 100 Minutes of Synthpop

This mix is a variety of romantic, melodic dancey Synthpop that ranges from Futurepop to New wave and back. Synthpop originated in the early 80's with the birth of New wave and pioneered by artists like Depeche Mode, OMD, Erasure and more.

Maus spins a wide variety of Dark electronic music including Synthpop, Electropop, Indie Dance, Darkwave and New Wave, with Strangelove focusing on Nu-goth, Post-punk and Synthwave aesthetics. Maus has started several club nights in Florida, including Requiem in Sarasota (2000), Sushi After Dark in St. Pete (2003), and Simply Synthpop in Tampa (2014). Maus has also been a member of the Communion After Dark DJ team since mid-2012.

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100 Minutes of Synthpop Tracklisting


1. Parralox - Enjoy the Silence

2. Binary Park - A Higher Mind

3. Ikon - Stolen

4. Calfskin - Leave Me Alone

5. Neuroticfish - A Greater Good

6. Destin Fragile - Run Away

7. A Spell Inside - Frei Sein

8. THYX - Project Tape Evidence

9. Carved Souls - She's All Alone

10. Neuroactive - Moments Passing By

11. Conetik - Dead End

12. The Dignity of Labour - XRV

13. Lavantgarde - Take Me S.I.M.

14. Dangerous Muse - Apart

15. Ven Bravo - Holding On

16. Tenek - Blinded by You 

17. The Break Up - Trapeze

18. Zoon Politicon - Moments

19. Pulcher Femina - Bio-Illogical Progress

20. - Synchronize

21. Raindancer - A Road and a Reason

22. Panic Lift - This Poison Remains (Lay Your Ghost remix)

23. Channel East - Send You an Angel