Mausmix: Strangelove Vol. 4

Strangelove vol. 4 contains tracks from Charlie XCX, Solar Fake, Blaqk Audio, Gusgus, Dear Strange, Aeon Rings and more!

STRANGELOVE is a monthly event hosted by DJ Maus in Tampa, FL. Maus spins a wide variety of Dark electronic music including Synthpop, Electropop, Indie Dance, Darkwave and New Wave, with Strangelove focusing on Nu-goth, Post-punk and Synthwave aesthetics. Maus has started several club nights, including Requiem in Sarasota (2000), Sushi After Dark in St. Pete (2003), and Simply Synthpop in Tampa (2014). Maus has also been a member of the Communion After Dark DJ team since mid-2012.

Strangelove Volume 4

  1. Aeon Rings - Drowning
  2. Solar Fake - Under Control
  3. Stars Crusaders - In the Venusberg
  4. Mental Discipline - WDYWFM feat. Spektralized (Assemblage 23 remix)
  5. New Order - Singularity
  6. Drangsal - Love Me or Leave Me Alone
  7. Sexy Suicide - Shame of Device
  8. Royksopp feat. Robin - Monument (The Inevitable End version)
  9. Dear Strange - The Unicorn (Antoni Maiovvi’s Giallo Disco mix)
  10. Neonsol - Fascination Street
  11. JanRevolution - Reminiscence
  12. Charlie XCX - Nuclear Seasons
  13. Sandor Gavin - Day Dreaming
  14. Blaqk Audio - Waiting to be Told
  15. Gusgus - Over
  16. CellMod - Reason to Live (Ien Oblique version)