Mausmix: Setting of the Sun (Dark Electro 1)

This mix was inspired by the time when Combichrist was good. It spans some classic Electro-Industrial tracks by Tactical Sekt, FGFC820, Icon of Coil, Panzer AG and more. PLAYLIST BELOW!

Maus spins a wide variety of Dark electronic music including Synthpop, Electropop, Indie Dance, Darkwave and New Wave, with Strangelove focusing on Nu-goth, Post-punk and Synthwave aesthetics. Maus has started several club nights in Florida, including Requiem in Sarasota (2000), Sushi After Dark in St. Pete (2003), and Simply Synthpop in Tampa (2014). Maus has also been a member of the Communion After Dark DJ team since mid-2012.

Setting of the Sun (Electro Industrial)

  1. In Strict Confidence - The Setting of the Sun
  2. FGFC820 - Existence (Combichrist remix)
  3. Icon of Coil - Former Self
  4. Panzer AG - Paper Angels 
  5. Infekktion - Censored Innocence (Grendel remix)
  6. Komor Kommando - The Factory Incident
  7. Feindflug - Leitbild
  8. Binary Division - My World (Aesthetic Perfection remix)
  9. Plastic - Sense of Life
  10. Tactical Sekt - Uncleansed
  11. The Juggernauts - Follow 
  12. Informatik - Entropy
  13. Solitary Experiments - Dead and Gone
  14. Accessory - War of Emotions (Feindflug remix)
  15. Egil Axelsson - Chemistrie
  16. The Firm Inc. - Schuld
  17. Chamaeleon - Suppression ([Sin.thetic Squad] remix)
  18. Grausame Tochter - Tranen in Einer Toten Welt (Anders Kurenbach remix)