Mausmix: Castle set: Sci-Fi Sextacy

This is a long continuos mix of my anticipated set for the Castle's Sci-Fi Sextacy event on Saturday August 12. My set wasn't nearly this long (instead it ran from 10:30pm - 12:00am), or mixed this well by any means. Check out my actual playlist on HERE


And without further ado, here is the set I had planned - exactly the way I wanted to spin it. 

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This Dark Electro/Futurepop mix contains tracks from Funker Vogt, Your Bunny Rot, Street Fever, bow church, Electro Spectre and more. 


Sci-Fi Sextacy mix Tracklisting

  1. Priest - The Cross
  2. William Control - Knife Play
  3. TRST - Bicep
  4. Panic Lift - This Poison Remains (Lay Your Ghost remix)
  5. Crytek - Bullet (Covenant cover)
  6. ES23 - Erase My Heart
  7. We The North - Understand Me (ES23 remix)
  8. The Psychic Force - Politics of Greed
  9. Outsized feat. Silverwavemusic - Escape (Rob Dust remix)
  10. Kromak feat. Unity One and Carved Souls - Sister of Night (Depeche mode cover)
  11. bow church - The Flesh is Weak
  12. Noisuf-X - Ich bin Soweit
  13. Suicide Commando - We are Transitory
  14. Street Fever - In Your Lungs
  15. Mono Inc. - This is My Life (Kondensat remix by Blitzmaschine)
  16. Funker Vogt - Armed and Dangerous
  17. Electro Spectre - Little Wonder (Spectres Dub revenge, Pt.1)
  18. Fragrance - Care for the Proof
  19. Zynic - Fear My Love
  20. Eisfabrik - Millenium Find
  21. Your Bunny Rot - Liberate Yourself
  22. Drab Majesty - Too Soon to Tell (Cold Cave remix)
  23. Red Cell - Vial of Dreams (Tomas Almgren remix)
  24. Vanguard - A Different Story (BhamBhamHara remix)